7 nice ways to overcome problems

Remember you are better than you think!


Problems are only Problems when we define them as such.

 They are really learning events.


 Whenever we encounter a problem we should try to look at it indifferently.


No matter how bad it may be, know for sure that 99% of Problems are solvable.


1. Accept full responsibility for the problem

2. Define the problem exactly---Ask yourself: What is the problem exactly? How did it happen?Get the facts!

3. Next ask yourself: what is the worst possible thing that could happen if this problem is not solved? Then proceed to accept the worst.

4. Now with a calmer mind ask yourself: What are the possible solutions to this problem? Make a list!

5. Choose the best solution.

6. Turn over your problem to your higher power. Before you go to bed at night or before a meditation session, turn your problems over to God.

7. Every Solution has a Problem. Focus on the endresults. Focus on what you desire to achieve and not on what you don't want.


Remember .....Its just a learning event!

Stop chasing Freedom......Attract it!





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