I'm feeling upset!

someone hurt my feelings!




Oh...My best, you konw everything.

I deserve to know...Don't I ?!?


Help me to know

I wanna break them...

But I don't know what things will have to do ?!?

I wanna kill my self...I wish I hadn't seen it!

I wish It hadn't happened!

I wish I hadn't been there!

  I wish I hadn't been here!!!!


How disappointed I am!

No...I'm not so!

 My heart is wounded

My emotion is disturbed!

Why has it happented?!

I wish I had never seen....

I wish

I wish

   I wish...

Don't pull my leg!

I'm not good to test!

I'm so weak!!!

You konw that!

Let me grow up more!!!

You konw what I need?

Need to a place to cryyyy

I wanna evacuated awful thoughts from myself!

Would you help me

I need to your aid...

Just youuuu



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