Just remindes me the best memories...



Ferdowsi undivesity of Mashhad

Farvardin, 6th 1388

time: 3:30 pm


 We were waiting there, to informe about expected programs.

These buses were provided to transfer.

 Our temporary destination was Hasheminejad airport.

We were just waiting!

  My BEST.....



It's right veiw... mosque of univeisity

 And the rest are my unknown friends! with their families.

Who are they?!

I didn't used to know!

  ... But then,  little by little I got familiar


Finally, They called us and wanted to come in the mosque

They elaborated on the last advices;

How should we deliver our tickets and somethings like this.

Oh...My God...I remember song of first LABAYK!!!

We all with the all our heart repeated that voiccccce....

I remeber sound of tears...

How nice was ...

first step to grow...

I'll never forget!

what will happen ?!

I didn't used to know...




I separated from my families...


Getting on bus




Taking off....


Heart flying and Materials leaving just for 2 weeks!

I like it

I just like it

My best...





دسته ها : Itinerary
سه شنبه بیست و دوم 2 1388


 7 nice ways to overcome problems

Remember you are better than you think!


Problems are only Problems when we define them as such.

 They are really learning events.


 Whenever we encounter a problem we should try to look at it indifferently.


No matter how bad it may be, know for sure that 99% of Problems are solvable.


1. Accept full responsibility for the problem

2. Define the problem exactly---Ask yourself: What is the problem exactly? How did it happen?Get the facts!

3. Next ask yourself: what is the worst possible thing that could happen if this problem is not solved? Then proceed to accept the worst.

4. Now with a calmer mind ask yourself: What are the possible solutions to this problem? Make a list!

5. Choose the best solution.

6. Turn over your problem to your higher power. Before you go to bed at night or before a meditation session, turn your problems over to God.

7. Every Solution has a Problem. Focus on the endresults. Focus on what you desire to achieve and not on what you don't want.


Remember .....Its just a learning event!

Stop chasing Freedom......Attract it!





دسته ها : Let's be calm
چهارشنبه نهم 2 1388