How can I describe my feeling!

When I was arranging my testament...I thought alot,

So I felt, I'm nothing...nobody!

You know It was so sweet...

I'm a tiny creature in front of you, my creator!


I was going to share that which I own...but I couldn't find any thing!

Nothing in the world is mine!

I have onething!, but I couldn't share is  just mine...

I mean You my best.

How can I lose you? hmmm!

I like to have you all moments!



I'm ungrateful...I know!

I know I lose you as easy as I do!!!!!

Forgive me...

You yourself invited you remember?!

I remember completely those sweet days...

What the momemts I had!...

so accept me...uplift me...I wanna to get near...grow me.

Take care of me my best.



پنج شنبه بیست و نهم 12 1387


I have great pleasure to express my thanks

It was majical,miracle!

I believe alwayyys have an eye on me ...


But I'mmm...Nothing! Forget it.


Take care of strenght.

I need to have you all me uplift myself so as to refuse all devil's requests!

Help me

I need to you

My best

Just you....

دسته ها : Pop something...
جمعه نهم 12 1387